About the Laboratory

Loss and bereavement are an integral part of our life cycle, yet interpersonal loss can be a highly painful process whose impact is life-long. For some, the death of a loved one derails their ability to live their lives to the fullest for many years. Others mourn their loved ones and are able to emerge with renewed strength and life commitment. Understanding the factors that affect adjustment to loss will have dramatic implications for individuals, families, and society. 

The University of Haifa has established a new and unique Center to study loss, bereavement and resilience headed by Professor Simon Shimshon Rubin. The Center’s goals are to advance theoretical and applied knowledge in the area of loss, bereavement, and resilience; to train healthcare professionals, researchers, religious leaders and other key personnel; and to take the lead in addressing these issues. The Center is designed to serve as a focal point for teaching, research, advancing best practices in intervention, fostering collaboration among those in the field, and disseminating knowledge to professionals, policy makers, and the bereaved.