National organizations in Israel

1.  “Yad labanim” – “yad labanim”. an Israeli Voluntary association which deals with many issues that relate to loss and bereavement. The site provide information about memoralization options, organization calendar and more.

2.  Organ donation – an official site of Health Minister of Israel which deals with organ donation.

3.  “Yad haniktafim” – an Israeli Voluntary association that support family’s that their love ones died in car accident. The organization found by people who also lost their love ones by car accident and support Initial psychological support.

4.  The IDF widow’s site –  the site is nominated to IDF widow’s and their families. The site provide a lot of information about the rights of widow’s and the aid they entitled to get from the state.

5. Natal – An Voluntary association that support trauma victims on base of nationalistic  background.