Lectures by members of the center on various topics that deal with the loss and bereavement-Click here.

An interview with Prof. Shimshon Rubin, head of the International Centre for the Study of Loss, Bereavement and Human resilience, from the "London and Kirsnbaum" talkshow on the subject of bereaved sibling- Click here.


The 6th Annual Conference on Remembrance Days and Other Days: Who, When, What and Why Do We Remember? was held at Haifa University on November 22, 2016. For the conference program press here. To view the conference online press here

The 2nd International Conference on Loss, Bereavement and Human Resilience in Israel and the World held in Eilat, Israel from January 12th until January 14, 2016. For the conference program- press here. For a short summary of the conference - press here. For the abstracts of the presentations - press here.


Research Participation

We will be updating this section in the future.


"לַכֹּל, זְמָן; וְעֵת לְכָל-חֵפֶץ, תַּחַת הַשָּׁמָיִם. עֵת לָלֶדֶת, וְעֵת לָמוּת; עֵת לָטַעַת, וְעֵת לַעֲקוֹר נָטוּע"  קהלת פרק ג'